Farm-Fresh Christmas Trees Grown in New York State

Founded in 1953, the Christmas Tree Farmers Association of New York (CTFANY) is among the nation’s most respected resources for Christmas tree growers and retailers.  CTFANY provides information for consumers on how to purchase and enjoy farm fresh and fragrant real Christmas trees and evergreen products.  Retailers who sell real NY Christmas trees benefit from CTFANY’s educational resources, promotions, and community outreach initiatives.  Visit or contact us today to learn about informational POS signage, tree tags, fun facts poster boards, regional seasonal radio spots, and other activities developed by CTFANY and available for use by participating wholesale buyers to help drive sales at retail partners’ locations.

Trees grown on farms here in new York State are harvested just a few days before arriving in the market. Trees cut close to home stay fresh longer. And trees cut close to home travel less, reducing fuel consumption of delivery vehicles. Buying a real tree helps to sustain agriculture in New York State by supporting local farmers and keeping important open spaces in production.