Guidelines for Growers

Guidelines for growers on how to participate in CTFANY’s on-line wholesale promotion

It is our expectation that the wholesale growers who choose to market on this new website will:

  • Respond in a timely fashion to any inquiry that they receive and determine as legitimate;
  • Praise and encourage all prospects for seeking out and supporting New York State-grown Christmas trees. Salute them as conscientious and quality driven New Yorkers.

Minimum Inquiry Response Requirements

  1. Acknowledge the receipt of the inquiry within 24 hours.
  2. Provide overview of your business and products (fine to use standard fact sheet or brochure).
  3. Provide accurate information on your current availability status.
  4. Offer to add prospect to your annual price and availability distribution activity.
  5. Ask permission to call prospect in the future to follow-up on their activity.
  6. Direct prospect to another grower if you are unable to meet their requirements.