Tree Varieties

Popular Species of NYS-Grown Christmas Trees

There are many varieties of freshly harvested trees for immediate delivery.

Fraser Fir – very good needle retention, good pleasant fragrance, good branch stiffness, dark blue-green in color.


Douglas Fir– soft, dark green needles, good needle rention, needles have one of the best aromas among Christmas trees when crushed, conical shape.


Balsam Fir – Good needle rention, pleasant fragrance, green in color, stiff branches


Concolor Fir – very good needle retention, citrus or orange-like fragrance, good to average branch stiffness, blue-green needles


Canaan Fir – very good needle retention, very good, pleasant fragrance, dark green in color, good branch stiffness


Nordmann Fir – thick, glossy dark green needles, strong branches, superb needle retention, little fragrance


Grand Fir – shiny, dark green needles, when crushed, the needles give off a citrusy smell, different length needles all lined up in a flat plane moderately strong and light weight


Turkish Fir – dark green needles, flattened needles, not much fragrance, strong branches


Blue Spruce – good needle retention, fair to poor fragrance, excellent branch stiffness, powdery-blue needles


White Spruce – short, stiff needles, bluish-green in color, good needle retention, good, natural shape


White Pine – soft, blue green needles, needle retention throughout the holiday season, very full appearance, little to no fragrance


Scotch Pine – stiff, dark green needles, holds needles for four weeks, open appearance, keeps aroma throughout the season