Start a Christmas Tree Fundraiser

Christmas tree fundraisers are a great way to raise money for a community organization. It is an essential and a disposable product that is in high-demand for a short period of time creating the perfect opportunity for setting up a pop-up shop or member distribution service.

The profit margins are favorable as well. The average Christmas tree nets $20-$70 profit. A motivated group with a quality product can make a real impact toward achieving their organization’s fundraising goal.

If you are considering organizing a Christmas tree fundraiser in New York, contact the Christmas Tree Farmers Association of New York (CTFANY). We can connect you with local farmers that offer a variety of fresh Christmas trees, sustainably grown right here in New York State, and available for quick delivery.

Christmas Tree Fundraisers are perfect for:

Church Groups
Youth Sports Teams
Schools and Booster
4H Clubs or FFAs
Any non-profit organization